About Us

In the beginning...

In 2009, two photographers met over lunch to discuss the production of calendars featuring their work with local talent.  From those humble beginnings, a new vision emerged...a MUCH bigger and better vision!  That vision became known as "Red Dirt Daughters!"     

Though we DID produce some phenomenal calendars featuring the stunning talent of RDD, our vision grew from a modeling agency into a marketing and promotional company focused on promoting women in ALL facets of their lives.  In a world that's not always supportive of women's rise to the top, we wanted to help our "Daughters" achieve THEIR greatest dreams!  We became partners and a dedicated Sisterhood committed to building each other's ultimate success!

So whether our "Daughters" are students pursuing higher education, working as CEO's leading million dollar companies or choosing to raise their very own little "million dollar" babies or all the above, we provide support and applaud those achievements.

This company was founded by women FOR women!!!  As a company, we provide wings and expect our "Daughters" to soar above the highest peaks of success!!!

On the following pages, you will meet the Daughters of RDD.  These women are extraordinary examples of beauty, intelligence, talent, accomplishment and ambition.  They are students, doctors, lawyers, businesswomen, teachers- professionals in every facet of industry.  They are role models!!! 

We promote a mantra here!  It is...


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